UNHCR Shelter Assistance Evaluation Afghanistan (2012-2013)

The UNHCR Shelter Assistance Evaluation UNHCR’s Shelter Assistance Programme has provided, since 2002, nearly 216,000 units of shelter to vulnerable returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) throughout Afghanistan. The programme has been subjected to technical and financial reviews and its design and implementation procedures have been improved over the years. However its contribution to reintegration outcomes, defined as achieving sustainable return and parity between returnees and other members of the local community, has not been researched. The Maastricht Graduate School of Governance will implement this evaluation. The aim of this project cooperation is to implement the UNHCR Shelter Evaluation Project in Afghanistan. The survey will include a minimum of 4500 surveys in Afghanistan of returned refugee UNHCR shelter beneficiaries, non beneficiaries and beneficiaries of other shelter programmes in Jalalabad. In addition key informant interviews will be completed.