IS Academy on Migration and Development (Migration, a World in Motion) (2009-2013)

The “Migration and Development: A World in Motion” project is a research initiative sponsored and promoted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs from within the Ministry-supported research institute, the IS-Academy. This six-year project, which was launched in 2008, investigates the impact migration has on development of home countries and communities through the collection of data on Afghan, Burundian, Ethiopian, and Moroccan migrants living in the Netherlands. The information collected about the situation of these migrant households in the Netherlands—as well as their contributions to family and communities left behind—will help guide more robust, evidence-based migration and development policy in the future. The data collected from 1000 households in the Netherlands will be matched by data collection in each of the countries of origin, a process that will enable the affects of migration to be understood as a holistic, multidimensional process. Within this project, the following migration and development themes are explored in depth: circular migration, return, remittances, brain drain, and EU external migration policy.

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