‘Geld Naar Huis’ remittances price comparison website evaluation (2010)

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded the evaluation of the Dutch remittance service comparison website “Geld Naar Huis”. The evaluation, which spanned June-November 2010, involved assessing how well the website had met its inception objectives (including promoting migrants’ understanding of remittance methods and services, increasing transparency in the market, and promoting improvement in the price-quality ratio of remittance services), the degree to which the website encompasses relevant remittance services providers, the quality and value of information available on the website, the website’s user friendliness, and the financial sustainability and future of the website. The results of the evaluation will be used to suggest how the website can better meet the needs of its users, how it can become financially sustainable, and how aspects of the World Bank quality seal standards can be reconciled with the constraints of the website operation.