4. Migration Governance and Policy Coherence

Migration traverses multiple policy areas and is the frequent subject of debate among a range of different actors including national governments, international organisations, civil society organisations, trade unions, employer federations, recruitment agencies and migrants themselves. Within states different government departments work on different aspects of migration and the objectives of their policies often have implications for other policy areas and vice versa. Attempts to address these differences (and complementarities) are reflected in conversations regarding migration governance, migration management, mainstreaming migration, and policy coherence. The purpose of this research is to expand the evidence base underlying these discussions by 1) conducting methodologically sound evaluations on migration projects and programmes, particularly those attempting to address the cross-cutting nature of migration; 2) conducting interdisciplinary research on migration governance. Highlights of this growing research theme include a novel, mixed-methods evaluation of the Swiss Migration Partnerships, and the development of a Dashboard of Indicators for measuring policy coherence for migration and development for KNOMAD.

Contact: Elaine McGregor

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