The migration group at UNU-MERIT and its School of Governance focus their research on the effects of migration and migration related activities (such as remittances, diaspora and knowledge transfers) on (human) development, including specific effects on those left behind or effects of return migration. Key research is done on migration for evidence based policy making as well as evaluations of programmes and policies related to migrants and refugees.

Research under this theme is often applied empirical work. The focus is often at the micro level, and both quantitative and qualitative methods are used as a mixed methods approach. The research on migration and development is strongly linked to other research themes such as poverty, social protection, public policy and economic growth.

The work of the Migration Group is clustered in ten thematic areas.

Ten major research areas

  1. Forced Migration, Security and Conflict
  2. Integration, Social Cohesion and Transnationalism
  3. Return, Remittances, Diaspora and Development
  4. Migration Governance and Policy Coherence
  5. Migration and Health
  6. Migration and Corruption
  7. Migration and Entrepreneurship
  8. Migration and the Left Behind
  9. Irregular Migration and Transit
  10. Labour Migration and the Highly Skilled

Cross Cutting Themes

  • Gender
  • Methodology
  • Children
  • Technology